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January 19, 2012


Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Ahhhhh, hee hee hee! You're welcome! I'm glad you like it and the first time was a CHARM. LOL I lovey it too... I mean, BIG TIME!

Gorgeous layouts as usual... I'm very swoon over them. 😍

Laughing at your 5 facts because I am 2 of them and SERIOUSLY envious of 2 of them. Two I am - Stupid & Shank/Punch. HA, I do those too!!! Two I am envious about - READING, omgosh. I am the worlds SLOWEST reader and I want to love it and read faster. Oh and comprehension is OUT the friggin' window too. 😔 The cleaning, hello.... I need that gene something fierce! I mean, I clean and my house is super clean. I just hate it!

Maria Therese

These are all gorgeous!!

betsy sammarco

Ooooo! your blog looks so nice!

Diana Waite

LOVE the blog! Saw that you posted it on instagram, I'm visiting today! :)
random facts:
1. I'm addicted to instagram!
2. I wore Wonder Woman underoos as a child, that paired with the name Diana I "thought" I was Wonder Woman--hence the name of my blog....
3. I wore my braces for 3 years--horrible but I have pretty teeth now.
4. I love potatoes ANY way I can get them-fried, mashed, sweet...
5. I can speak Spanish...

Jennifer Grace

Hi! Just popped by from the 2Peas chat. Love these Crate Paper layouts they are so pretty. I really want the Paper Heart collection but it's sold out everywhere in the uk as far as I can see, and can't afford international shipping right now!

5 facts about me:
1. I used to be a professional clown. My mum still is.
2. I adore extra strong cheddar cheese. I miss it whenever I'm away from home.
3. I love Nathan Fillion (from Castle). He's gorgeous.
4. I'm drinking a whiskey and diet coke right now, my fave tipple :-)
5. My 'word' for 2012 is Organise!

Love your facts about you!

hot sauce

once again, another sad, funny, happy, then thoughtful post (i'm not sure in what order though). I enjoyed that one too.

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